Campbell, J. Chris – Zig Zag #1


Adhouse Books

Zig Zag #1

What a gorgeous book. Really, Adhouse does it again with this one, I have yet to see anything but fantastic packaging from this group. Take a minute to check out that website of theirs, it doesn’t hurt anything that they’re publishing the works of some of the best people working today either. The vast majority of this comic is about the epic struggle to get to a movie on time, with a date, while being a tiny bug. Funny stuff throughout, mostly because it really can be this much of a chore to get something as simple as a movie trip organized. And that’s witout the handicap of being, you know, a bug. The front end of the book is about hilarious celebrity deaths and the back end is the cover story, about a robot who finds a screw and just wants to get a simple answer out of the doctors as to what could be wrong with him. This, of course, takes months of red tape and is too much of a shortie for me to go into. The front and back ends of this are in full color while the bulk of it is on a mixture of browns and white, just so you know. It may seem a little pricey at $5.95, but you get what you pay for. I mean, look at that sample and tell me it’s not purty…

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