Comis, Abe – Old Timey Gunslinger Tales



Old Timey Gunslinger Tales #2

Note: I am 99% certain that Abe Comis is NOT the name of the person who did this comic.  In fact, I’m pretty sure that he just misspelled the name of his comics company, ABE comics, as that’s the e-mail address given.  Still, if it’s not his name the a-hole didn’t bother to put an actual name on his comic, and I need to put something up there.  I mean, sure, I could just skip this comic altogether, but how on earth could I pass something up with a title as wonderful as that?  Especially when it only gets better on the inside.  This is, exactly as the title implies, an old timey gunslinger tale.  Actually, that should probably be “olde”, but what do I know.  Inside is the story of a brave hero coming across an evil Frenchman who has a girl in a sack, a bomb and is at a railroad.  Clearly, that’s a villain, and god bless “Abe” for putting the “boo, hiss” sound effects in the panel whenever the villain appears.  The story goes exactly as you’d think it would, the villain gets his in the end and everybody lives happily ever after.  Well, almost everyone, but I won’t ruin the joke at the end.  The art is simplistic as can be, which suits this simple tale perfectly.  I read this at the end of a long week and it’s exactly what I needed.  Well worth a look, and if you do manage to track this guy (or, I suppose, gal) down, do me the favor of letting me in on their name, would you?  $1


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