Corby, Bob – Bunny Blues Leaves #3


Bunny Blues Leaves #3

Here's another case of me reading the first three issues of a series and bunching up the review into one book. Hey, it gets the point across and I can still update my opinion with future issues, right? Anyway, this is the story of Kit Jones deciding that she wants to go on tour with her guitar. She takes a road manager and a Head of Security who's in love with her. Her brother eventually decides that he wants to join them, and that's where this issue starts off. That and the important phone call from the end of #2 isn't addressed at all, but I'm guessing that it will have some importance later on in the series. Overall, this isn't a bad series, it's just that things seem to moving really slowly. The events are fairly scattered and I think Kit just got to her first gig at the end of the third issue. The "romantic interest" subplot is moving pretty slowly too. Oh, and I should mention that this is one of those anthropomorphic comics and that there's a really crappy bear on the last page of #3... sorry, it's a cheap shot but I couldn't resist. Altogether a series with potential. I like the dialogue and a lot of the art. It does look a bit rushed here and there, but that might be my nitpicking. It's $1.50 for the first two and $2 for #3, go to the website and look around. Also, he's the guy in charge of SPACE in Columbus apparently and everybody in the world should go to that, so check out info for that at the same website.

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