Ellis, Antar – A Collected Comic Book

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A Collected Comic Book

What a terrible title! Sorry, I don’t like to start these things off on a negative note, but that’s just a silly title. Maybe it’s just me, maybe because I haven’t seen his stuff before I didn’t know there were a bunch of short pieces floating around, waiting to be put into a collected comic book. Snarky on a Monday afternoon, that’s me. Anyway, what about the actual comic? Well, about 2/3 of it is made up of short stories, one to four pages in length, about things like a fake diet, black on black crime, black sitcoms, an average day in his life, how to achieve bitterness, cutting his hair, and the obligatory character from the page coming to life and telling him how much he sucks (although, to be fair, I liked what he did with this one). Then you have a couple of strips with stick figures punching and kicking each other, and that’s the first 2/3 of the book. A few good strips, a lot of stuff that’s so-so. The last 1/2 of the book, however, is a different story. These are one page newspaper style strips, mostly dealing with music, and that’s obviously where his passion lies. Song lyrics, watching records spin, when it’s appropriate to quote rap lyrics, trying to play a Stevie Wonder song from memory, watching music videos as a kid, it’s all good once these strips start. They always say to write about what you know, and it’s obvious that he knows music really well. I’m curious to see a longer story from this guy, it’s obvious that he has some great stories in him. All in all it’s pretty hit and miss, but not a bad book by any means. Here’s a website, what is it with putting a price somewhere on the comic? I’m guessing $3 because it’s a pretty big book, but I honestly have no idea. Keep checking their website, maybe they’ll get that store up soon…

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