Gavila, Robert – Nisha #2


Nisha #2

This one was a hodge-podge of stories. Nisha is a comic that he started last year, kind of a La Femme Nikita but with silly comic dialogue. At times, anyway, as sometimes it was just fine, other times it made me groan a little bit. I’m curious to see just what makes her tick, as she seems to be unlike most of the spy characters that I’ve seen, but the bits with the “henchmen” and the captive husband and daughter didn’t do much for me. Most of the rest of the comic was filled with something called Wally W. Weber, which is a Dilbert-style strip about office life. A funny punch-line here and there, which is about all I can ask from that type of thing. My favorite thing was the back page, which I’ll put up here for you to see. Check out the website, as he puts up pages from Nisha as he finishes them.

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