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I have one basic, fundamental problem with this comic, then I can get on to praising the parts of it that I like: it’s not a comic. Oh, don’t get me wrong, there are words and pictures, just like in comics, but there’s just no need for them. The characters are never doing anything but talking. They’re either sitting on the bed ruminating, or on the couch doing a video diary, or laying on the floor talking on the phone, or sitting in a chair telling a story… there’s just very little interaction. This would have been better served as a fiction zine of some kind. Teacher Dream is the only story where people actually move, and they’re just sitting at a table talking, so they don’t move much.

All that being said, I still liked this comic, and that should tell you something. The stories were fantastic. Mostly filled with despair and hopelessness, with a little bit of cautionary dating thrown in. I loved the story about her brother making her a jewelry box in the mental ward too. So, should you buy this? Yeah, I think so. The art is a bit raw, but it’s almost completely inconsequential anyway. The stories make this well worth the price of admission, and she should only get better from here if she keeps at it.

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