Gorcoff, Jason – Events #0



Events #0

Huh? I’m not sure what the proper response is to a 8 page comic with no idea what it is or what it’s about, but I’m pretty sure “huh?” sums it up. Let’s see… There’s a man, and he’s concerned about a woman, and it’s too soon for them to do… something… and then there’s a robot baby. I’m going against my policy of telling you what the comic’s about, but that’s pretty much it. So why’d I bother to put it up? Well, because I put everything up that people send me. It’s #0, so he obviously has plans for where it’s going. The art’s nice, even if the man is a bit too “ripped”. And there’s a robot baby! That’s enough to win me over right there. I’d say wait a few months until he has an issue or two out, but he might be worth a look. I’m guessing that this is $1 because it’s so small, and you can send it to 16 Payne Avenue Sag Harbor, NY 11963. Or you could just e-mail him and ask him what the deal is.

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