Gubba – Pigeon Toad #1



Pigeon Toad #1

Who likes poo? Or at least stories and/or funnies about poo? If the answer isn’t you, it might be in your best interests not to pick this one up. Of course, if you did that, just flat out skipped this comic, you would miss other delightful stories that have nothing (or very little) to do with poo. Like what, you ask? How about a discussion about the meaning of cool, what cool things are, and how you should really start using the word “cool” on a more regular basis? Or the story of a lonely frog, who waited and waited for something to eat, only to come to a (spoiler alert!) tragic end? Or the two pages dedicated to short gags, one of which made no sense at all (the bird got its leg blown off, but I don’t know why), one of which was so bad it was good purely for the punch line, and a couple of which fell squarely in the category of “something to chuckle about later with no prompting, causing the people next to you to wonder if you’re crazy”. Then you get into the poo, with an ode to refuse from a fly and a verbal beatdown of a dump roach by a turd. I loved it, what can I say? This is apparently Gubba’s first comic effort, to which I can only say: more please. $3

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