Hartzell, Andy – Monday



Everybody out there probably knows the story of the first week of creation from the Bible. Hilarious! Anyway, what, theoretically, happened in the second week? Can’t say that I ever gave it a whole lot of thought, but Andy sure did. This is the first day in that second week. God, after his day of rest, is nowhere to be found, and Adam is terrified. He convinces Adam to go with him to God’s headquarters as they try to find out what happened. Broken bits of animals are everywhere, and… I’m giving too much away. It’s an interesting concept, and he sure got me wanting more after this first issue. He also did an amazing job of conveying Eden, which is pretty impressive when it’s, you know, paradise and all. This is $3 and it’s looking like the e-mail address in here is no longer valid, but here’s an actual address: 1193 64th St. Emeryville, CA 94608. I’ll post website and e-mail info when I get something valid, but this is worth seeking out.

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