Holden, Alex – Magic Hour #1


Magic Hour #1

Crap, here I am a few weeks too late for this to be a proper Halloween comic. Oh well, those are good all year round, right? There are two stories in here, with an even smaller comic inserted in the middle that expands on the first story. The first story deals with a group of kids talking about another group of kids that went into the yard of the gorgon and, oddly, never came back. The mini mini shows exactly why this may be the case, not to give anything away or anything. The second half of the book deals with the possible origin story of a neighborhood boy called Black Eye Eddie. What’s with that family of his anyway? This is sparse book, as the first story is told all in single panels, but it manages to strike the proper creepy/funny balance for me. This is just for me, mind you, as some people prefer a lot more creepy and a little less funny or vice versa. Worth a look either way, unless you hate all things Halloweeny… $2

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