Houck, Barbara Noelle – Many Mammals


Many Mammals

I’ve been doing this website for almost five years now and I still have no idea how to review a sketchbook comic. It’s not pretentious at all, as it’s called “Many Mammals” and it consists entirely of sketches of mammals. Monkeys, dogs, a giraffe, a tiger, a deer and a couple of more complete looking images are presented here, along with a few of the DC female villains like Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. I’m intrigued by some of the more polished artwork (like the one I sampled), but have no idea if she has any other comics out there. Maybe this was a diversionary thing for her or maybe it’s just practice, but about 95& of sketchbooks get a “meh” out of me, and that’s pretty much what this one gets. She obviously has some serious artistic ability and I’d be curious to see other comics though…

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