Kazmierczak, Russ – Doug Deever Dumpster Diver


Doug Deever Dumpster Diver

I’m kind of guessing on the creators here, as the website and the comic are both pretty vague about who’s actually responsible for this. Regardless, this is an interesting comic with a great moral, even if it does get a little too preachy for me at times. Doug Deever is a man who is discarded by his mother at an early age and has to make a home for himself out of garbage. He lives his life only being really comfortable when he’s surrounded by garbage, and there are more than a few good points made about our disposable culture and its propensity to discard things that are simply no longer useful. Very preachy and altruistic, but it’s a perspective that should be examined. The art was unique as well, with doodles being placed over real faces and places in spots. All in all an original way to go about telling a story. Check out the website, there are all kinds of samples and links to other work there.

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