Kelley, Sean – Pinch and Everett: Off-Season


Pinch And Everett: Off-Season

There’s probably a quick way to determine whether or not you’d like this comic. Ready? If I were to tell you that you could read a book about a crab and a sea gull in essentially a buddy movie-ish type story, involving a manic quest to procure gloves, said crab scaring a nearly naked lady, and a lifeguard chasing these creatures through the snow, all done in an all-ages vein, would you want to read it? It has moments of charm, to be sure, and the page I sampled, with the sea gull carrying the crab around by his eye stalks, is pure hilarity. Overall it falls somewhere in the middle of the random mini comic submissions I get. Not laugh out loud funny, not awful. More comics would probably help clarify things, and the fact that Sean does a webcomic should help. Oh, and I should point out that this is set at an aquarium right around New Year’s, hence the snow… $2

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