Klopner – Pete & Earl #1

Best guess at contact info (search for “Shiot Crock”, that should get you close to the guy)

Pete & Earl #1

Yes, I think the name he goes by really is just Klopner. That’s all I could find looking around online anyway, and this comic doesn’t do much to clarify. This is the story of a fairly obvious Batman and Robin duo (Earl and Pete, respectively) who come across a super villain known as the Bitch. This Bitch wants to fuck Batm… er, Earl, and vows to give up crime forever if he’ll just give it to her. But there’s only so far that a man will go to fight crime, and she pushes him past the line! Christ, I’ll never know how people write blurbs in those preview books without wanting to shoot themselves in the face at the end of the day. It’s a funny book, too short for the premise to get boring and they say “fuck” a lot, so what more do you want out of a comic? Oh, and this is another part of Shiot Crock #11, and I found another link with all the covers (and a link to more info), if you’re curious. No idea about Klopner’s website, or e-mail, or anything else, but I’ll update if I can find it…

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