Knutson, Eric – Bare Knuckles #1


Bare Knuckles #1

What an eclectic comic. In here are a number of short pieces about a vampire surfer, falling in love with a cyclops, drunk God, and talking around a watercooler about becoming your Dad. These are all short, funny pieces, which makes the difference between these pieces and the large story, Spencer the Dog. It’s a story about a couple dealing with a dead dog and talking about the comforts of contemplating suicide, but it’s done with a fantastic mix of humor and deep sadness. I was really impressed with this whole thing, frankly. I don’t think I’ve seen a better dog in comics, and his sense of dialogue is flawless. It’s $2.50 and well worth checking out, so why not send the guy an e-mail? Oh, and here’s a website.

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