Langridge, Roger – Fred the Clown #1


Fred the Clown #1

If you like the old black and white cartoons, you’ll probably love this book. It certainly matches them in sheer mayhem. The book is all over the place, with the strongest stories being, by far, the longer, cartoon-like stories. Mars, a haunted house and karma are all covered here. Anybody who animated this would probably make a fortune, at least they would if they marketed it to the right people. There are also plenty of little musical numbers, some of which work and some of which don’t. Lot’s of little mostly funny one-page gag strips too. I think you can see that the art is phenomenal, so I shouldn’t have to do much convincing there. The writing is mostly good too. It has a playful, whimsical style to it, while still being a little bit harsh at times (the humor, that is. Don’t think that this would be a wonderful book for kids or anything, although it’s never too gross). It’s $2.95, send the man an e-mail for info.

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