Lasko-Gross, Miss – Aim Volume 2 #1



Aim Volume 2 #1

Yes, that is the only name that she gives inside her comic. Apparently she’s been doing the book since 1993 but changed the format, so she started with Volume 2. Whatever works for her, I guess. The style of this issue was really bugging me for the first quarter of it or so. She has this way of not using any punctuation (intentionally or not, I don’t know) and smashing her characters and dialogue in little panels that was obnoxious. But about halfway through I realized that I was really liking the pacing, and those things that were bugging me earlier had a lot to do with that. Anything that wins me over mid-comic after pissing me off first can’t be bad. There’s a little continuing story going on, but you really don’t have to read any of the older stuff to get it because she summarizes before the issue. This issue is all about a party for the main character’s (?) ex-boyfriend. Just drunken conversations mostly, but I really like this style. Maybe it’s the solid blacks that won me over, I don’t know. Anyway, this comic is regular sized and goes for $1.95 according to the cover. Send her some money, won’t you?

Aim Comics 199 East 4th Street Box #4 New York, NY 10009

Or send her an e-mail to see what she has around:

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