Leonard, Brian – Big ‘Un Visits the City



Big ‘Un Visits the City

Who likes mayhem?  As you may have guessed by that cover (shame on you for judging a book by its cover, even if you did get it right this time) that giant sea monster (?) decides to wander into the city, because… well, why do these big monsters usually go into cities?  Let’s go with that reason, whatever it is.  The monster gets some resistance, mostly just a nuisance to him (unless it’s a her), and has a merry old time tearing up the place.  Eventually the secret weapon is brought out, but I won’t give away the ending.  It’s a fun book if you’re into this sort of thing.  No graphic violence so your kids could read it if they love monster movies, and there are a number of little clever asides.  I particularly enjoyed the crowd scene consisting of 4 people planning and a number of others running away.  Clearly these people were in some sort of anti Big ‘Un squadron, but I loved how any details about it or about the secret weapon were glossed right over.  Hey, it’s only a mini comic and the man needed to cram as much destruction in here as he could; there’s no faulting him for that.  If you’re looking for a long whiny tract about What It All Means there are plenty of pages on this website that’ll fit the bill.  If you just want to see a big monster tearing through a town for no good reason, you’ve come to the right place.  $1


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