Limacher, Al – Creep #1 (art by Jack Bertram)


Creep #1 (art by Jack Bertram)

Who likes exclamation points! Should I put them at the end of all my sentences here, just like in the comic! No, I didn’t think so. It’s OK, he’s doing it on purpose, to make fun of stupid comics. I think. The first story is about The Creep, a very gross superhero. Mostly just because he oozes all over the place. The second story is about cannibal pygmies and how pointless it is to fight them. Really, if that $.05 cover price it true, there’s no reason not to check this out. It’s hilarious at times, and the dialogue (and captions) are so over the top that it’s impossible not to laugh. No contact info in here, but here’s an e-mail address from the letter that came with the comics. Yes, as in plural, so there’ll be more up here soon enough.

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