Lindner, Ellen – The Egg Mysterious


The Egg Mysterious

Sometimes I have no problem with symbolism and being able to tell if a comic is just an elaborate in-joke for the author, and sometimes I have no clue. That’s the case for this one. I like the very few pages of dialogue, then it goes to a movie about a woman who is having a dream about becoming a sperm, if I’m even interpreting that correctly, until she wakes up and it loses me completely. Don’t get me wrong, there’s something here, it’s just that I’m getting dumber as I get older and I’ve lost my ability to figure stuff like this out. Except for the times that it makes perfect sense, of course. The art was expressive and detailed, no problem there. Based on the dialogue pages I believe that Ellen can write and I’d like to see it displayed in another comic, as this one honestly just confuses me. Liked the ending a lot, though. E-mail her to tell her how stupid I am if you wish, or check out her website.

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