Litz, T. Richard & Kellaway, Dan – Fidget #16


Fidget #16

I have to give T. and Dan credit: they make the absolute most of their 8 page mini. For one thing, look at that fantastic cover. You have a snake with a grenade in its mouth, the body of Nick Fury with a clown head grafted on top, a woman wearing a bikini and holding a knife, and a pepperoni pizza. Almost impossible not to pick that up for that $.30 listed price. The story inside is mostly a parody of 24 done really well, touching on the absurdities of travelling across town during commercial breaks and how it’s not important if much happens during the hour as long as that hour is appropriately dramatic. They also somehow manage to cram in jokes about Pamela Anderson and the logical future progression of Fox reality shows. Judging from the website it looks like there’s a big book of this stuff available and it’s all parody in one form or another, at least from what I can see. Hard to say if this would hold up over a big book, but it’s certainly hilarious in a small dose like this and, seeing as how the things out there to parody are limitless, it’s sure possible that a big book would be hilarious too.

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