Longo, Scott – In the Name of Love (R. Kelly Comics)



In the Name of Love (R. Kelly Comics)

There are times when I just don’t get it.  This is, of course, a useless opinion when it comes to writing a review, because then why would you even bother?  Well, Scott has done some work with Chris Anderson (and all of you should immediately buy and enjoy his comics, or at least all of his comics that I’ve seen), so I thought he needed his own page here, a way for people to contact him directly.  Scott has done here what it probably looks like from the cover: he has illustrated various R. Kelly lyrics.  The trouble is that the images seem to have little or no connection to the lyrics.  Don’t get me wrong, the man can draw and some of the images by themselves are powerful/funny/impressive.  But the two things never seem to line up, and it’s hard to wonder why this exists in the first place.  If he was looking to shine a light on the sheer ridiculousness of some of R. Kelly’s lyrics, well, kudos, although how these lyrics are any dumber than any of the other utterly interchangeable R & B singers is beyond me.  Maybe it’s all a bizarre meta experiment in making reviewers look stupid?  Hey, I don’t need any help.  At the end of the day it’s nice to have at least some small clue of why a comic exists, and this one just baffles me.  Check out his work with Chris Anderson, as it’s brilliant, but this one is easily skipped.  Unless you can spot something in that sample that I’m missing…  $3 (?)


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