Maicol & Mirco – Giocanda Fucked Up!



Giocanda Fucked Up!

This one was done by a couple of brothers in Italy. It’s simple as all hell, as it’s just a man (Giocanda) alone in a room ranting about different artists and their paintings. A quick read, but funny. Kind of had the feeling that there were a lot of in-jokes involved (I know the basics of art history but that’s about it), so somebody who knows the medium a little better might have gotten more out of it than I did. Still, I liked it and I would pick up anything else I saw that they did.

Chris Staros over at Top Shelf told me that although the Mini Burger set isn’t available on the web page, you can still order it through their online catalog. Just go to the ordering page, click on #4 at the bottom (additional comments) and write in that you want the Mini Burger set for $19.95. They have it in stock, they just haven’t updated the site in a while. From what I’ve read, it’s worth it. There might be two bad ones in this bunch and a couple of mediocre ones, but the good ones are good in ways that you don’t usually see in this country.

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