McGinty, Brad – Wysteria #1


Wysteria #1

There are comics where my main reaction is “I want to see what happens next before I even begin to figure out what I think about this”. Which is the biggest cop-out in the world when it comes to reviewing something, granted, so I try to avoid it. Still, that was my reaction to this, and I’m going to try to say something of substance about this regardless. This is the story of that runt chicken thing on the cover, who also happens to be bulimic. He has a quiet evening and falls asleep, at which point he is met by a couple of odd creatures who seem to push him to an overdose of some kind. Then a witch doctor goes into his mind to see what makes him tick, and that’s most of the rest of the issue right there. The great thing about these wordless comics is that that’s just my interpretation and I could be drastically, laughably wrong. No idea where it’s going from here, which is kind of why I want to wait to reserve judgment. This isn’t exactly a completely satisfactory comic on its own, but there are some thoroughly unique images in here, which isn’t a bad start for a series by any stretch of the imagination. Let’s say this is $2, here’s an website for Brad.

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