McHenry, Tom – The Novelber Project


The Novelber Project

Huzzah for another excellent diary comic! Of course, it’s possible that it’s only excellent because it covers a very specific period of time for a very specific purpose: Tom wanted to write a 50,000 word novel over November of 2005. Lazy cartoonists take note: this man did a diary strip every day of the month, with most of them being pretty damned funny and a good chunk of them being artistically intricate, all while managing to finish that novel of his. No idea what happened with the novel, as I couldn’t find anything about it on the website, but luckily I could find scads of free comics, including pretty much everything in this book (look for “Novelber”). Subjects in here include a sick cat, poop, sex, drinking, Dr. Phil, Jeopardy, oysters, rain, pam jams, Beavis and Butthead, Katamari, and little feet. Oh, and the fact that he kept a running daily word total of his novel was a nice touch. As for the sample, sure, I could have picked a funnier one, as there were many funny moments in here, but I can never resist a good Katamari strip. This is probably $2 or $3, but if you’re cheap it’s all there on the website and you could put that money you saved to use buying something more recent from the man, as from this I’d say it’s a pretty safe bet for quality work…

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