Miller, Lorna – Witch



Once again I learned that it’s never safe to assume anything. I kind of figured that a book with an intro by Peter Bagge would be one of those funny ones, and this is, at times. I guess it could be best summed up by “emotional roller coaster”, if that phrase could ever be cleaned from all the cliche Hollywood connotations. That’s a good thing. Sometimes it’s better not to get too complacent in a book. What’s it about? All kinds of short stories, mostly from her mini comics. She reminds me of… Lorna Miller. Seriously, she might resemble certain people for certain stories (the Jack Kirby story was fantastic. Who knew that domestic abuse could be funny?), but this feels like her book. There’s a story about Jane, wife on Tarzan, out on her own. There’s a recurring strip about “Angela” and her troubles with the world that feels at least slightly autobiographical. Throw in a depressing story about Catholic school that ends really abruptly, some diary-like stories about the Berlin wall and Lithuania that are done better than anybody except Joe Sacco (not that very many people do this, but this is done really well), and a lot of really short strips and you have a great, well-balanced book. I’m assuming that there is more material out there, so kudos to Slave Labor for putting this together so well. It’s pretty cheap (11;95) and a long read. Anybody who’s in the mood for something random but good, look no further. Check out her website for samples and other stuff if you’re curious.

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