Mitchell, T. Perran – I Can’t Draw Theater #2



I Can’t Draw Theater #2

This is an excellent idea for a comic.  If you can’t draw, why not just make your comic with pictures?  There’s some process he used with these pictures, I think he may have even told me what it was at SPACE, and I forgot all about it in the months since.  The story here is about a street hockey goalie who left an injured toe untreated for two years and eventually had to get surgery.  It’s a good story (especially to somebody as biased as a former street hockey goalie like myself), and the pictures have an interesting effect.  Still, I couldn’t help but wonder why there wasn’t more story to this mini.  Granted, the length of the mini is purely up the artist, it’s possible he just felt like this was the perfect length for this story, but hell, if it’s the art that takes most of the time in comics, why not throw in a few backup stories and bulk this up a bit?  It seems silly to me.  Still, if my only complaint is that it’s not long enough, that’s not much of a complaint at all, is it?  It’s an engaging (if too short) story, and I like the concept.  I would have just liked more to go on.  No price either, but let’s say $1.


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