Modan, Rutu – King of the Lillies


King of the Lillies

Here’s the last of the Actus Tragicus stuff (again, all kinds of stuff at their website). Right up until the very end I thought I was reading the best of the bunch, but the ending feels like it was just made up on the spot with no thought for the rest of the story. The story is about a plastic surgeon and his love for a woman that he was raising after her mother died on his surgery table. She was trying to get him to implant a beard on her so that she could continue her circus career, as she was slowing down as a trapeze artist. Her girl runs away before the doctor can ask her to marry him, and he spends the rest of his time trying to get all the women who come to him to look just like his Lilly. A fantastic, thoroughly original read right up until the very end. Hunt down this bunch if you can, it’s definitely worth it.

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