Mullett, Jeffrey – Stoopid Toons #2


Stoopid Toons #2

Here’s a good random collection of stories from San Francisco (via Chicago), although one of the strips looks suspiciously like one of those Stripburger guys. I’d chalk it up to a cosmic coincidence more than any intentional similarity, as very few people around here have read those collections. Anyway, in here you have a severed pig head, resurrecting the dead, house music, and fucking a turkey. Just implied, of course, no pandering to the prurient turkey fucking crowd here. It’s funny and absolutely bizarre most of the time, which means that it’s a wonderful comic in my book. It’s $1, send the man an e-mail and wonder how long it’ll be until there’s a website with samples, because you guys should really see more of this than I should show here for review purposes…

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