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Proof Positive

This is a collection of three stories written by Chris and drawn by three different artists. It owes a lot to the old EC comics like Tales From the Crypt, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on your point of view. I loved those comics, but they’re a really tough thing to pull off today, as they’ve been copied or made fun of so many times by now that it’s almost impossible to tell when somebody is paying homage or just using that theme in an ironic sense. Anyway, the comic. The first story (drawn by Rick Bonilla) is about a comedian making a comeback, but he has some old grudges to settle. The second (drawn by Jeremy Dale) is about an innovative jewel robbery, with a ludicrous surprise ending thrown in to keep with the theme. The third (drawn by Scott Reed) actually had me say “oy” out loud at the end, which I can’t say has happened more than a few times in my years of reading comics. It’s about the evils of vegetarianism, apparently, or at least in the EC way that I was telling you about. Overall the stories were interesting at least, even if that last one was, well, not that great. There’s potential here though, he just needs to work out the bugs, or maybe I just wasn’t able to get in that old-fashioned frame of mind, as I wasn’t even aware that that’s what he was going for until the end of the last issue. It’s probably $2, here’s his e-mail address and the website of the publisher.

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