Various Anthologies – Berserker #1


Berserker #1

Well, at the very least they have a great name. This is a student collection with one person (MK Reed) who’s already on my page. Everything else is from people who do daily strips for a paper called The Daily Orange, but I have no idea where that’s from. There’s a pretty wide range of stuff in here. Hilarious drunk driving, the horrors of school, a tea party, Ride More Fatty, horrific date rape, wacky prison comedy and rabbits on the ark. A pretty solid collection, especially considering they’re all students (not that I have anything against students, it’s just that they seem to have their collective shit together pretty early on). MK Reed has gotten a lot better in the year or so since this issue came out, that’s for sure. There are probably still some copies floating around, as I managed to get my hands on this one, although the price of it is a mystery. $3? $5? Whatever the case, here’s an e-mail address so you can find out yourself.

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