Various Anthologies – Superior Showcase #1


Superior Showcase #1

The phrase “entertaining superhero anthology” probably isn’t something you’ve read lately, but that’s exactly what this is: an entertaining superhero anthology. I wouldn’t have believed it either. There are three stories in this one. First up is Nick Bertozzi’s take on an average day in a superhero convenient store and how the staff deals with transients and villains. And he draws costumes that look like actual clothes! Amazing. Next up is Mike Dawson’s tale of the final adventure of Ace-Face, a guy with giant metal arms, who decides to come out of retirement one last time to deal with a local vigilante, in what is one of the better fight scenes outside of It Lives #1 by Ted May. Last up is Butterfly by John Campbell & Dean Trippi. It’s a look at the lives of the most under-appreciated of heroes: sidekicks. Throw in the evil Hipster Ghosts as the villains and I have a real hard time picking a favorite out of this bunch, always a good sign for an anthology. Adhouse books has (from the comics I’ve seen anyway) managed to keep their perfect reputation intact again. Also, if you’re afraid of the superhero comics, don’t worry. There’s only a couple of real fight scenes and only one guy flying. They do all, however, spend a lot of time focused on grown men in underwear, so take that however you’d like. $2.95

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