Various Anthologies – FIB #1


FIB #1

Yep, the Various page just keeps getting bigger and bigger. One of these days I’ll break it down again, or, more likely, I’ll forget all about it. As for this one, have you ever wanted to know about Providence, Rhode Island? Either way, this is a mostly funny introduction to the town, including a whole pile of completely untrue facts about the place. You have the local pterodactyl, the giant blue bug (Nibbles), a scavenger hunt, the modern coupling rituals, the evil philanthropist who runs the town, the significance of the numbers 1234, God talking smack to Mary and Joseph, and zombies at a local rock show. Creators in here are James Russo, Pete Pendergast, Eric Hoffman, Jason Mayoh, Rob Yeremian (the guy who put it all together), Tom Rebello, and two people who seem content to go by Lou and Ray. See if you can match the artists with their stories! Nothing in here to set the world on fire, as they say, but a pretty solid batch of stories, and I guarantee you’ll learn at least a few things about Providence. $2.50

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