Jay, Damien – The Natural World #1


The Natural World #1

Since I complain about this for other people, I have to be consistent: please put contact information somewhere in your comic.  Assuming any comic stores sell this, it’s entirely possible for this to be the only comic of yours a person picks up in any given trip, and making locating you even a tiny bit difficult could prevent that person from checking out more of your work.  We live in lazy, lazy times, and I am aware of the fact that typing “Damien Jay” in Google brings his website right up.   That’s fine for him, but when Jim Smith puts out a comic and doesn’t put contact information, the buyer is never going to find more of his work.  There, I managed to get some negativity in what was otherwise going to be a glowing review.  Whew!  This is a continuing series (and Damien was nice enough to send the first three issues, huzzah!) dealing with that creepy pilgrim-ish guy on the cover (and it took me until the end of the book to know for sure that it was a male), his brother (seemingly a local official of some kind), and a group of forced workers who are tasked with clearing some “cursed” thicket. The man on the cover (named Neeve) also goes out with his dog quite a bit in this issue, the dog finds something that isn’t revealed until the end of the issue, and far be it from me to spoil that great of a cliffhanger.  If this was a single issue I might have some complaints about it.  Where and when do these people live?  Why does Neeve start speaking in tongues (or something to that effect) when he gets freaked out?  What did those workers do to be forced into hard labor?  What is Neeve doing out there with his dog all the time?  Luckily I know for sure that this isn’t one of those “one and done” series, and all of those questions are simply tantalizing mysteries to be uncovered in the near future.  It’s great stuff and you should think about checking it out.  No price (hey, two negative things in the review!), but let’s say $5 because of that fantastic cover.

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