Update for 5/5/10

Happy Cinco de Mayo!  Don’t forget to hug your racist relative today!  New review for Folkomix #1 by Brad W. Foster.  Brad also has a few new things up in the store: Late One Night, First There Was The Scribble, The Eternal Conflict, Cat in a Box, Welcome to Camp Skiffy and, of course, Folkomix #1.  Brad sent along many more comics than that for the store, but as he packed them so neatly into tiny bundles I figured it would be better to dribble a bundle at a time into the store.  Oh, and these are all from the 80’s and early 90’s, so if you happened to catch that new Fantagraphics retrospective of small press comics in the 80’s, this would be an excellent way to keep peeking into that era.

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