Farrell, Greg – Yo! Burbalino #1


Yo!  Burbalino #1

Hey look, another random mini comic!  Greg was nice enough to send along the first few issues of this series, so we get to see him develop as an artist a little bit.  Or I do at least; for all I know whoever is reading this stumbled here by accident while looking for porn.  This is a series of random stories, mostly dealing with a chef and his friend Earl (who happens to be a squirrel).  Their bits include Earl betting Chef Don that his lawn mower was so weak that he (Earl) could safely sit under it, Chef Don making a conceptual pizza for his wife, an actual recipe for chestnut lentil pate (or at least it looks real to me), and Don winning a monkey at a fair and seeing his plans to make money off its dancing fall apart.  There are plenty of other bits in here unrelated to those two as well, dealing with a funny gag for hypochondriacs, why they call Greg Electro Boy (and oddly enough I know exactly what he’s talking about here), an excellent strip called Muffin McGuffin (and if you don’t know what a McGuffin is, that’s what the internet is there for), and Is This Your Leotard.  He even manages to throw in a few funny short strips, which is no easy feat for anybody.  As for troubles, there are a couple of egregious spelling errors (but overall it’s OK, which makes these whoppers stand out even more) and the art looks awful at the start of that lawnmower strip, but that improved pretty steadily over the course of the book.  So, to sum it all up, it’s another first issue that shows some promise, but I won’t be able to see if he realizes that promise until I see a couple more issues.  Odd how it turns out this way so often…  $3

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