Fryer, Hayden – Billy the Demon Slayer S2 #1


Billy the Demon Slayer S2 #1

Where do you go in a comic after you’ve killed off god and the devil in the first series?  Or at least that’s what I’m guessing happened, as it was told in a very quick bit of narration at the start of the comic.  That question is still a bit of a mystery after this first issue, which was very enjoyable in its own right.  Things start off with a group of robed cultists chanting, and out pops Billy out of the shower, as they were apparently trying to conjure up Billy’s father (who happens to be the devil; a piece of information I learned on the website and not in the comic).  Billy is apparently trying to get back to a normal life after the events of the last series, and would it have killed Hayden to put some sort of a recap in the first issue?  Ah, don’t mind me, it’s just a pet peeve of mine.  The tone is very much tongue-in-cheek throughout, as you can see the main villain of this issue on the cover, and the narration mentions the fact of life that is “cheesy sequels” a few times.  There is a scientist behind the trouble with the hamster (naturally), and we don’t see a whole lot of him in this issue, so I’m guessing he’ll come into play later.  Oh, did I mention that this series is 7 issues long, at least so far, and at least that I know of?  Thought I should throw that out there.  Anyway, the hamster transforms in the middle of a pile of goop that looks suspiciously like the pile of goop that is used to conjure Billy at the start of the issue, either a coincidence, something that’ll be picked up on later in the series, or possibly he’s just depicting the legally required consistency of magical goop.  Anyway, the battle is “fought”, the scientist transforms appropriately into a mad scientist, and things are starting to get set up from the rest of the series.  I’m still not sure how he tops killing off god and the devil, but I’ve seen the covers for the rest of the series and am curious to see what he comes up with.  $3.50

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