Kish, Matt – The Solar Brothers Volume II


The Solar Brothers Volume II

What do you call a comic that isn’t a sketchbook but also isn’t a comic with any sort of linear story?  Let me know if you come up with something, because that’s what this book is.  Here’s how Matt describes the contents: “being a record primarily of the extra-planetary inhabitants of the pre-main sequence ternary star system AB Doradus”.  So, in other words, this is a comic with Matt doing what he does best: drawing completely random but somehow vaguely connected creatures that could not possibly exist in this world but quite possibly should.  Is that too long to use a description of his work?  Probably.  Personally, I miss his Spudd 64 story, but he seems to have gone in the direction of this and drawing an image for each page of Moby Dick (and you should really click on his website to check that stuff if ever read Moby Dick, he has over 250 images up already and it seems to be increasing steadily).  Usually there would be something here remotely resembling a review, but for this I got nothin’.  I can’t get enough of his artwork for whatever reason, so picking this up at SPACE was a no-brainer for me.  If you feel the same way about his stuff then it’ll be an equally easy choice for you.  If not, well, maybe you should try it out, either through this or some of the old issues of Spudd 64.  I had trouble picking the sample image, which is the only seal of approval a book like this needs from me.  No price, so I’m going to go with $4.

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