Stipetic, Kristina – Yasha Lizard #3


Yasha Lizard #3

Kristina made quite an impression on me with her last mini comic (Yasha Lizard #2, I didn’t see #1), so she had a lot to live up to in the next issue.  She pulls that trick off without a hitch, as this issue goes off in a completely different direction and is as excellent as the first issue in a completely different way.  This is still ostensibly the story of Yasha Lizard, but that seems to be a cover to talk about other topics that are on Kristina’s mind, in this case architecture.  An innovative designer is trying to revolutionize the industry and the old guard stands haughtily in his way; something of a recurring theme in civilization.  He builds a series of buildings that are meant to house worker families for the low rent price of $1.  Yasha manages, with a friend and an egg, to convince the landlords that they’re a family, they get the cheap apartment, and quickly find out that they’re in the middle of forces way over their heads and helpless to do anything about it.  This comic looks gorgeous, as she certainly has that end of things down, and I love the idea of making all these issues self-contained but held together by that bare thread of the title character, who usually isn’t even shown until the “real story” gets a proper introduction.  She says in the afterward that she has something “more serious, less polemical” in the works, but only after the next comic of this series, which is going to deal with evolution.  As that subject is still, shockingly, a subject of controversy for some of the dimmer bulbs on the planet (probably the ones who didn’t get the hint when Touchdown Jesus got struck by lightning and destroyed this week), I can’t wait to see her take on it.  Still no price, I’m still guessing $3 until I hear differently.

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