Cagle, Susie – This Is What Concerns Me Presents Remainders



This is What Concerns Me Presents Remainders

So what, this is the stuff that wasn’t considered funny enough for the other collection?  Or was this just all the awkward (to those of us who have to scan these things anyway) sideways strips?  Either way it’s a solid enough issue all by itself.  Read the review above this for a primer on the concept, this issue deals with such topics as surveillance cameras, the local food chain, dopey (but still dangerous) FBI agents, chastity pants (apparently they do exist), a list of actual school foods and their horrific names, an homage to corn, a handy vegetable recipe, a handier hard cider recipe, and a special Sarah Palin edition of Susie’s recipe column.  Granted, targets don’t get much easier than Sarah Palin, but it always tickles me when small press cartoonists even touch politics.  Not sure why so many of them pay not attention to it all, unless it’s because they’re, well, not paying attention to it at all.  Anyway, this is another mini pile of fun, and I’m not sure where to advise you on how to check out her work.  First the “regular” edition of this series, then this mini for a companion and then Favorites to round it out.  Or you could always be frugal and send $5 for all three… $2


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