Zenick, Jeff – Destined #3

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Destined #3

It’s hard for me to convey just how peaceful and introspective these zines are without you actually reading them. Jeff is leading the life that I would like to be leading if I wasn’t so caught up in material things. Maybe some day I’ll be able to put all these things aside and live on the road like he does, biking from town to town and picking up odd jobs while selling a few zines here and there, but until then it’s great to know that I can always order a book of his and be dropped right into that world. I don’t think there’s any single thing out there that I can recommend more than his work. This issue is like the other ones I’ve seen, about the people he talks to and about his constant quest to become a better person, even though he seems just fine to me. I’ve never seen anyone that concerned about their own reactions to the assholes of the world. Cops aren’t portrayed in that favorable of a light in here either, but that’s probably because almost every cop I’ve ever met has been a dick. Really, if I could suggest a purchase plan I think you should send him $10 or so and just ask him for a pile of his zines. You’ll have reading material for weeks and I guarantee you’ll be a better person for it. Contact info is above, and I think it’s current now (thanks to Souther Salazar).

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