White, Ben – Snakepit #2

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Snake Pit #2

This seems at first glance like a really dumb comic. It’s a daily diary in the form of a three panel comic, the problem being that every day seems pretty much the same. Ben goes to a party, he smokes pot, he gets drunk (or gives up alcohol for a little while), his band plays, he goes to work, he watches a movie, and he hangs out with a pretty girl. That’s pretty much every day, and I was almost ready to give up after the first few pages. But then it started getting through to me, or perhaps the sameness of it all hypnotized me, and I started to really like it. After all, how exciting is the average day for anybody? His honesty in telling the story of his daily “adventures” is what makes this book so compelling. It’s mundane, sure, but it gets harder and harder to put down as you go. Go to the website that publishes his comic, he’s not the only artist there, look around and see what you like…

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