White, Ben – Snakepit #13

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Snake Pit #13

You probably got the impression from reading that last review that I’m done with Snake Pit, it’s irredeemable crap and I never want to see it again! Harumph. Well, that’s not entirely true. I hope I made it clear that I WANT to see great things from this guy and I think I will, comics-wise, before all is said and done. The first half or so of this book was giving me hope too. He was on tour, or getting to know a new girl, and there was actually change from day to day and things were interesting. Then the second half was more of the same, to the point that I think even Ben is getting sick of the format, and the conversation I had with some of the YAC people when I got this seemed to indicate that as well. I hope that’s true. I’d love to see a Snake Pit #14 (or #15, or whatever) that was in a completely different format. Even if it didn’t work at all and he just went right back to this format, at least my curiosity would be at least partially satisfied. Yes, I realize this probably comes across as selfish, but I’d be willing to bet that I’m not the only fan of his work who’s a little bit sick of the format. $2

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