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Ah, I love the nice people who send me all of their work.With most folks I have to read one or two things and then wonder how they progress because I don’t see anything else from them for years. But then there are people who are as nice as Greg and send me all or most of their stuff, and it’s a real treat. This is the best thing he’s sent me yet, hands down. Not that I didn’t like his other stuff (just scroll down if you don’t believe me), it’s just that this is a stand-alone story and it’s huge where all of his other stuff was scattered. It’s the story of a man who is in a cult (or something) who gets thrown out for suggesting… you know, you should read it yourself. He has to deal with the loss of everyone he apparently knows and how he can live in the outside world. The title makes a lot more sense when you read it, on a few different levels. And that’s the beauty of this book: the different levels. There’s all kinds of stuff going on here, I feel like I barely scratched the surface with one read. $5 is a bit steep, granted, but it’s huge and it looks great. You know, I don’t know why I’m rambling about this so much when you can read the first half of it here and figure it out for yourself. Keep up the good work, Greg…

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