Piskor, Ed – Deviant Funnies #2



Deviant Funnies #2

The first issue of Deviant Funnies gave you a variety of stories, the second issue gives you… the Wizmantles. This family consists of the Gummo (the narrator and “normal” one in the bunch), Zeppo (an aspiring wrestler who wants very much to be hardcore), Tuna (the slutty sister), and the parents, Shemp and Gertie. The issue starts off with the news that Gertie, who’s in her early forties, is pregnant. Some of this is based on Ed’s real life parents (at least judging the diary strip at face value), as he comes across their posting for swingers on the internet and gets to see his mom in a thong. Gummo decides to follow them out on a “trip to the doctor”, and it just gets more horrific from there. The whole thing concludes with a great letter to his parents, chastising them to be more careful with keeping skeletons safely in the closets. How much of this is truly based on his parents being swingers and how much is artistic license (assuming, of course, that the diary strip is nothing but the truth) is, frankly, something I’d rather not know. The important thing is that it looks fantastic and it’s a hell of a story, any similarities to real life are better left assumed and not spelled out… $3

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