Mitchell, Brian John – XO #3 (art by Melissa Spence Gardner)


XO #3 (art by Melissa Spence Gardner)

Here’s another tiny mini by Brian, as it looks like he enjoys sticking with that matchbox format. This is a fictional (I hope) tale about a young man’s first murder, as he sees another man with his girlfriend and snaps. Smashing a head in is generally a sure way to kill somebody, and the man spends the rest of the tiny issue methodically dealing with the body and the consequences, slight as they are. It’s a thoroughly creepy book and Melissa does a great job with very little space to convey a complex range of emotions on these characters. This is probably $1 like the other issue and you could still get all of these comics for a pittance, not to mention the ridiculously tiny envelope they could all fit in…

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