Meyer, Christoph – An Unfortunate Mouse in Our House


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Danville, OH 43014

An Unfortunate Mouse in Our House

Anybody who has ever lived with a “hunter cat” has a story like this. Waking up in the wee hours of the morning, hearing loud noises, only to find (if you’re lucky) your cat playing with a still-wriggling creature. If you’re not lucky, you find parts of said creature. This is all about Christoph getting up early to get some quality writing done before the day starts only to find a mouse being toyed with by two of his cats. It’s not a pretty story, granted, but it’s funny because it’s true. This is part of a larger projected book, but this stands alone just fine, so don’t worry about this being a “snippet”. Even though he apologizes for his art (he says that he’s really a writer who draws things every now and then) I think it looks better here than I’ve seen it yet. A neat little story overall, I’d say it’s a couple of bucks…

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