Lewis, Pat – Obsessive Crush


Obsessive Crush

Jealous killer robots! Mysterious potions! Open mic night! All these horrors and more… ahem, sorry, I got carried away. This is a cute story about a man who’s trying to be cooler with the ladies and ends up drinking a potion. When he does, he changes into a slimy lounge lizard uncontrollably, often at awkward times. Meanwhile, he meets a girl who sings at a coffee shop and decides that he likes her, but he also has to contend with his jealous robot, who is in love with him. Got all that? The only problem I have with this book is that at times it seems like it came out in four panel installments. Not that that’s necessarily a bad thing, but the last panel often seems like a pun. Still, the whole thing holds up well as a story, and it’s, as I said cute. And funny at times, but in a pun-y sort of way. Here’s a website if you’re looking for more samples…

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