Dean, Patrick – Big Deal #5


Big Deal #5

Uh oh, looks like the cover’s crooked! Oh well, you get the idea. Also, I think Patrick has a new e-mail address, which you can try by clicking on this, although the one up there might work just fine. So what’s the story with this one? I completely loved the first issue, still liked #3 a hell of a lot and this one? Well, OK, I mostly loved this one too. Strips in here tackle such subjects as the wisdom of wearing a wizard hat, what you can do with x-ray eyes really, being an outdoorsman, making it in Hollywood, floods, french doors, insomnia, how to tell if your lover is a washing machine, being a shrunken band, and the fact that werewolves are cool. Much more too, of course, and he even does a serious strip or two, but you’re going to have to buy this to find out what I’m talking about. Hey, when have I ever steered you wrong before? It’s only $2 you cheapskate you.

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