Young, Jason – Veggie Dog Saturn #4


Veggie Dog Saturn #4

I made a conscious decision ages ago not to show wraparound covers (although I’m sure you could find examples of me breaking that “rule”), mostly because it’s a nice reward for the people who actually buy the comic.  Covers like this make that decision seem stupid, as the marching band following that leader is a wonder to behold.  Well, like I said, if you buy it then you get to experience it too!  The last issue of Veggie Dog Saturn was a travelogue/retelling of a crisis, this time around Jason is back to a bunch of shorter pieces.  Either way is fine with me as long as the stories are entertaining, informative or at least embarrassing, and Jason wins on all counts here.  Stories include getting hit with a rock in the head as a kid (and the excessive amount of blood compared to the severity of the wound that followed), a childhood lesson in using rare spacemen toys as currency and how the market collapsed when his brother got a paper route, a friend he knew as a very small child but lost touch with very early on (possibly due to a racist bank/doll in his house, something that his mother kept around not even knowing it was racist), pooping in the bathtub, and his first experience with a swimsuit magazine.  Oh, and there’s the sampled strip, which I can only hope is completely true.  Jason is also starting up a podcast, because what other medium would such a talented visual artist want to go with?  I’m sure it’s lovely and I’ll check it out soon, but get back to work on the comics!  Issues like this are a vivid reminder of what a talented artist the guy is, and also a reminder that when I rule the world I’ll be chaining such people to their drawing desks.  So I guess it’s best that he get this podcast business out of the way now…  $2

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